Troubleshooting Steps to Resolve the Brother Printer Error Code 35

Troubleshooting Steps to Resolve the Brother Printer Error Code 35

When it comes to clear prints and high-quality printing then no other brand can beat the features and quality of the Brother printer. The Brother printers are highly appreciated by the organizations and home users because of its outstanding features, superior performance, and durability. In order to meet the demand of both the clients and requirements the organizations, are available in the various types and models. While working on the Brother Printer one might face various issues and the most probably faced is the printer error code 35.

Causes that Make Brother Printer Error Code

Before moving further on to the steps you should have the idea about the error to appear in the printer.

  • The error code 35 indicates the statement i.e., unable to print.
  • This error persists when a piece of paper clip or paper gets fixed in the printer.
  • This error also persists when any power-driven part of the printer is not working accurately.

Steps to Resolve the Brother Printer Error Code 35

  • From your System, cancel all the printing commands that are in the queue.
  • Open the print head carefully by using the finger holds on both the sides of the device.
  • Now you will see the scanner cover support of your printer that is located on the left side.
  • Now check carefully the left side, right side corners and even the center of the printer that whether there is any paper stuck or not.
  • If you find any little piece of paper then remove it gently.
  • Next, move the print head from left to right and check that if there is any piece of paper stuck. Remove it if you found.
  • Now at the back of the device, open the Jam clear cover.
  • Check if there is any jammed paper or any object. Remove it if found.
  • After performing the above steps make it clear that there is no paper stuck and close the scanner cover carefully.

If the issue still persists then follow furthermore troubleshooting steps:

  • Switch off the printer and unplug the power cable from the wall outlet.
  • Wait for some time that is 5 minutes and then plug the power cable back also power on the printer.
  • The error will be fixed and now try to print a document.

Immediate Online Support for Brother Printer

We are also providing you with the option of QuickBooks Live Chat services through which you can ask our specialists to solve your printer issue online. Follow the above- given steps properly to solve error code 35 and if you still face the issue, dials our Brother Printer helpline number at any time.

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