Steps to Wirelessly Print From Your Tablet or Smartphone

While the entire world is going paperless, there are still some examples where printouts are a must. In a pinch, which could mean having to print directly from your mobile phone. Luckily, both Android and iOS now support printing directly from your mobile phone. You can send your documents to any particular printer, so long as you are on the same wireless network and you know how to add it.
Printing from your mobile phone is not that hard – if you have an iPhone, it is a built-in feature that you can access by clicking the share button on files or documents, depending on which application you are in. Most of the Android smartphones also have printing capabilities built in, but if your device is not giving you an option to connect, you will have to download the Google Cloud Print application. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on adding a printer and printing a document from iOS, Android and Windows.


Google Cloud Print comes preinstalled on most of the Android smartphones, but you can download it manually also.

1. If you download the Google Cloud Print application manually, you will have to identify or add a printer compatible with your Android device that is on the same shared Wi-Fi network connection. Open Settings and find Printing to add a printer in the list.

2. Once your printer is added in the list, open the application you are printing from and tap the three dots which indicate more options, usually in the upper right corner to select and find the Print option.

3. Click the three dots in the topmost right corner and select Add Printer button.


Apple’s built-in feature of Air Print makes it easy to print directly from an iPad or iPhone without downloading additional drivers.

1. You can only use the Air Print feature with printers compatible with the technology of Apple. Check this list to ensure your printer is Air Print-enabled.

2. Ensure your Android phone and your printer are on the same Wi-Fi network connection.

3. Next, open the application you want to print from and find the option of print, which may be under Print, Share or Other Options. Tap Print on the icon of the printer and select Choose an Air Print-Enabled Printer. For this instance, we printed something directly from Apple’s client of email.

4. You should be able to easily identify and select the printer that you want or add a new printer, specify your needs of printing, number of copies, etc. and send your job to the chosen printer.

5. Apple makes it quite easy as selecting any printer within your wireless network and clicking the Print option.

6. If you are still having trouble using Air Print feature, ensure that you are running the latest version of iOS and that the application you are printing from does not have any updates available.


If you are using a Windows 10 operating system device and you want to print wirelessly, the setup is quite easy for you to configure.

1. Firstly, open Cortana and type in Printer in the search box. Select Scanners and Printers when it appears.

2. Select Add a Scanner or Printer. Assuming your printer is on the same wireless network as your Windows 10 operating system device, you should have no issue locating it and adding it to your queue.

3. Now you should be able to print quite easily.

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